Women Of Strength

“Sometimes we need a free fall to teach us to fly” Rebeckah Lyons

I love strong, courageous women of God. They inspire me and give me strength to continue to write and speak out about my personal struggles and my faith.    I love reading their books, their blogs, and hearing them speak.

On Mother’s Day, I had the opportunity to attend Liquid Church in New Jersey, US. That particular Sunday, they had a live speaker join them.  Rebekah Lyons is the author of a newly released book called “Free Fall to Fly: A  Breathtaking Journey Towards A Life Of Meaning”. Rebekah writes about her journey through motherhood, mental illness (panic attacks and depression) and finding meaning in her life.  My daughter and I even got to meet her!

reb lyons

Hearing her speak was truly inspiring.  It confirmed the need to share and encourage each other.  She also stressed the importance of community.  Not only our close circle of friends, with whom we can be totally transparent, but also the wider community through our books, blogs and online environments.  These modes of communication help each of us to take a step forward, bringing us courage from the comfort and safety of our own homes.  We can read the words of those who are fighting to overcome their struggles and hear of a faithful God that loves them through it all.

While writing my blogs, I have had numerous people send me private messages thanking me for my openness, transparency and honesty.  These  notes encourage me to continue to push the publish button each time I write a post – Thank You!  There are also many women, whose life journeys inspire me a great deal.

Along with Rebekah Lyons,  the following women are just a few that have, and continue to, inspire me:

Joyce Meyer http://www.joycemeyer.org/   @JoyceMeyer
Mary Demuth http://www.marydemuth.com/   @MaryDeMuth
Maya Angelou http://mayaangelou.com/   @DrMayaAngelou
Jen Hatmaker http://jenhatmaker.com/home.htm    @JenHatmaker

As we go through life, we need to hear from others about the free falls, the trials, the struggles and, most importantly, the victories. We to need to share about overcoming and conquering our inner demons and coming out on top, shining brightly.

Who inspires and gives you courage?

1 Thessalonians 5:11 ESV
Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.

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