Depression Is Hell. Or Is It?

Bekah Kemp (2)
“Hell is evil with all traces of love and good removed.”  Carey Nieuwhof

Depression is hell.  Anyone who has been in this pit knows that’s true.  It really does feel like all love and good have been removed, and that you are just trying to survive day to day, moment to moment.  But is it really “hell”?

We are doing a series at our church right now called Afterlife.  It’s about heaven and hell.  Touchy subject, eh?  People love to talk about heaven, but hell?  That’s too scary. (If you want to go deeper into the subject, you can check out the whole Connexus series here:

In today’s society, we use the term “hell” quite loosely, as we do “depressed”.  Yet, both are incredibly serious topics.  One thing that our pastor, Carey Nieuwhof said last week, is that “we’ll be dead a lot longer than we’ll be alive”.  So true!  Taking the time to find out about heaven and hell, while we’re still alive, is so important.  Crucial really.

The Enemy You Can’t See
Carey also talked about contracting a sickness and that waiting for a diagnosis is often worse than knowing what is wrong.  He said, “The enemy that you can’t see is more dangerous than the one you can see.”  How true is that?!  If you have cancer, you can deal with that.  It’s not good, but you can start treatment.  I remember at one point wishing that I had cancer, instead of a mental illness.  Cancer is at least something that I know how to fight.  (Don’t get me wrong for those that are fighting cancer right now.  I know you wouldn’t wish it on anyone).  While cancer is a tangible disease, mental illness is not. You can’t “see” mental illness.   It’s in the brain and often difficult to diagnose.  Is it clinical depression, bi polar, multiple personality, anxiety, etc.?

Hell And Depression
So, back to hell and depression.  Because you can’t see what you are fighting, you lose the will to fight and you just want the pain to be gone.  But the good thing is, that even when in the darkest, deepest pit, there is hope and there is grace. There are people around you that love you.  God is there, even when you can’t feel Him.   That little glimmer of light can be all we need to make it through the next day, the next moment.  When we are devoid of all love and good, remembering there is hope and love for us can keep us going.  In hell – real hell –  none of that is present.

This particular blog is not intended to open up a huge debate about heaven or hell.  It’s a reminder that when going through the hell of life, we are not alone.  There is hope.  There is grace.  There is a glimmer of light.  And if you believe in Jesus, heaven is waiting on the other side of death.  Because of that reality, I can breath a sign of relief.

John 3:16 (NIV)

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Photo Credit:  Bekah Kemp

2 Replies to “Depression Is Hell. Or Is It?”

  1. I can so relate! Depression is so abstract, nonspecific. It is difficult to fight something you can only feel and no one can see. It is only tangible in the ways it affects only those closest to it. And that itself is only a glimpse…

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