Who Are You Behind The Mask?

“Who are you behind the mask?”  Dr. Julianna Slatery

If you’re my friend on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, you may get the sense that my life is all good from my status updates and tweets.  It is NOT my plan to portray a false sense of perfection on social media.  I do not want to be someone that hides behind a mask. (I guess that’s pretty darn obvious with my blog, isn’t it?  ha!ha!)  What I do want to portray is a woman who is thankful for the life that I’ve has been given.  I am grateful for the amazing people and the opportunities I have had in my life.  I am a woman who wants to help people.  If you see a fake “always happy” type person, I’m sorry.

I do like to post good news, happy moments, special events and the things for which I am thankful and passionate about.  I think that’s what people like to hear and are encouraged by. I know that it inspires me to read good news stories when I scroll through social media.   At this season in my life, I am good.  I am happy.  I am thankful.

Reading my blog, I hope you realize I am a real person, without a mask. Yes, there are seasons of frustration, sadness and bitterness.  Thankfully, there have been fewer of those times recently.  Will they come again?  Maybe.  But I’m ready.  If I need to “hide” from people and social media, I will.  My first priority is to put on my own “oxygen mask”, before I can be of any use to my family or friends.

Am I afraid to fail, say the wrong thing or just be vulnerable in the public eye?  Sure I am.  I’m human.  But, I’ve also found the courage that I’m okay if I do fail, say the wrong thing or I am vulnerable.  I can always get back up and try again or apologize for the words I have said.  By choosing to show that I’m vulnerable, I hope to inspire others to be authentic as well.

Do you wear a mask and pretend to be someone different?  In real life or in social media?  What would it take for you to have the courage to be “real”?

2 Corinthians 4:18 (NIV)

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

4 Replies to “Who Are You Behind The Mask?”

  1. Thanks for the great reminder, Linda. Social media makes it very easy to wear a mask. It’s also often a fine line between ‘acting as if’ (or faking it til you make it) and speaking and acting your truth. I think it makes it that much more important to be in small groups (like at Connexus), and have close social support networks that give us a safe place to remove those masks). Or, we can just do it in our blogs:)

    1. That’s a really great point, Anita. Having a close circle of friends or family is essential to removing our masks. That’s the safest place to be who we really are. Especially since not everyone will blog like you and I. 😉

  2. “When I discover that I am accepted and loved as a person with my strengths and weaknesses , when I discover that I carry within myself the secret of my own uniqueness, then I can begin to open up and respect others and respect their secret.” Jean Vanier

    I have appreciated your honesty in your blogs Linda and have never felt you are wearing a mask. You seem to represent the authentic you and for that I am inspired! Blessings. Chris

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